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Augmented and virtual reality guest on the MA: DTCE

MA: DTCE student, Ioannis, explores the Mubil 'virtual laboratory' with the Oculus kit
Ioannis explores the Mubil ‘virtual laboratory’ with the Oculus kit

The MA: DTCE had a visit this week from guest lecturer Alexandra Angelataki, from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway. Aleka’s Mubil project has used augmented and virtual reality techniques to provide access to rare manuscripts and create vritual spaces based on the text and pictures inside the books, to turn them into interactive learning resources.

Pictured is 2014-15 MA: DTCE student Ioannis using the Oculus virtual reality glasses to enter the online ‘laboratory’ based on the historical Chemistry textbook created by Lonicer, circa 1569. The technology has also been used to animate a travel guide to 17th-century Pisa, Italy.

Aleka also presented her work in the ‘Digilab‘, part of University of Manchester’s award-winning Learning Commons development.

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