Media and IL for PGs and researchers

Satellite dishWelcome to the Media and Information Literacy resource for postgraduates and researchers.

This resource was developed as a collaboration between the School of Education and John Rylands University Library at the University of Manchester, and funded by the Higher Education Academy (Information and Computer Science subject centre). Thanks are due to all these institutions for their support.

This is not the EDUC61712 course (part of the MA: DTCE). For that, follow this link. This course is an open access educational resource intended for any postgraduate students (Masters’ or PhD) and post-doctoral academic researchers.

It is divided into seven topics. The menu on the left allows you to navigate through them. Start with topic 1 and listen to the introductory podcast which will explain the background behind the site and how it works.

This is an open educational resource and can be used and cited freely. However, some readings are still subject to copyright. Where such restrictions on re-use exist, this will be clearly indicated. See also the guidebook for teachers (link below).


Feedback invited. This resource was fully released in November 2010. It may be that there are ‘teething problems’ (non-functioning links, difficulties downloading some resources, etc.) – although we hope not. If so, please tell us about them by emailing Drew on andrew.whitworth [at] manchester [dot] ac [dot] uk. Similarly, if you have any comments about the way it is organised, or want to discuss its implications any further.

Please read the guidebook if you are intending to use the resource in your own institution or teaching. Guidebook for the M&IL resource.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


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