EDUC61711 Week 3: PCP and Kuhlthau

This podcast considers the contribution of Carol Kuhlthau to the theories and practice of information literacy, showing how she builds on ideas from Personal Construct Psychology (PCP) to do so. Kuhlthau has valuable things to say about how libraries must respond to issues raised by PCP, but in the end her insights are very context-specific. Nevertheless, because the academic setting is our concern in week 3, there are useful lessons to be learned from her work.

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EDUC61711 DMIL: Week 2 – Models of Literacy

EDUC61711 DMIL: Week 2 – Models of Literacy by Drew Whitworth. This podcast discusses the different models of ‘literacy’ which have been proposed, showing how digital and media literacy can be considered subsets of a broader notion of ‘literacy’ — though ‘information literacy’ is more fundamental.

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