Key Themes

Digital Literacies

It was in the 1960s that computers began to be used not only in scientific research but in more familiar workplace settings such as banks and public administration. Consequently, it was around this time that the first calls were made for school pupils and university students to be ‘taught computers’ — that is, how to operate and use them, possibly to program them. Read more

Digital Sustainability

On DTCE we are working to integrate digital sustainability across all of our course units as we see it as of central importance in our teaching and research. Read more

Digital Making

Digital applications, platforms, programmes, mobile/web apps and all kinds of tools built with computational code allow educators to make digital products that we can share with others in teaching, learning and education practice. Read more

Digital Futures

The digital world changes quickly and the future digital learning landscape is likely to look different to the one today. On the programme you develop skills to work with, benefit from, critically appraise and lead on change in digital learning and communication. Read more

Digital Design

From the point of view of the MA DTCE Digital Design addresses two related fields of study, namely those of Instructional Design and Production Design. The field of instructional design has existed for six decades. Read more

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