In any given year the MA: DTCE attracts a wide range of students, whether on campus or online.

The course is suitable for:

  • educators and/or educational managers using, or desiring to use, digital technologies and communication in any aspect of their teaching;
  • computing specialists (programmers, designers and other practitioners) with an interest in becoming involved with the development of educational materials or software;
  • ex-teachers who are returning to the profession and who wish to update theirskills, knowledge and understanding of digital technologies and communication in education;
  • anyone else with an interest in the use of digital technologies, communication and education

Graduates from the programme can follow a number of career paths. Some continue to work in their existing posts, but often with enhanced status; some move into teacher education, materials development, publishing, the media, managing self-access facilities, testing and assessment, research; some set up their own businesses. Alternatively, graduates may use the programme as a springboard into further study, eventually leading to a PhD.

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