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Manchester Institute of Education: Moving teaching and learning online

In July 2020, the DTCE teaching team, alongside some other colleagues from the Manchester Institute of Education, ran a series of webinars presenting key issues in how to take existing courses online.

These sessions are based on the experiences of tutors who work in the Manchester Institute of Technology who have worked over many years to develop both blended and distance courses, using a range of technologies.


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Teaching online: an overview

An introduction to teaching online, reflecting initially on the similarities and differences between distance and f2f. Then explores different models that are used by distance learning practitioners and how these can be applied in practical ways to take teaching online.
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Gary Motteram
How students learn at a distance

Being an effective teacher means integrating our pedagogies with the study rhythms and life arrangements of our students. Moving to a distance pedagogy without consideration for how the move to distance also changes the relationship of the student to the environment may lead to tensions and difficulties. This session uses data recorded over years of teaching using a blended learning environment to explore how students talk to each other, and their teachers, in a fully online environment, what we know about how they integrate various digital tools into their learning, and what this all means for online teaching and learning.
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Drew Whitworth
Online socialisation

This session explores how online socialisation and community are important for the interaction of staff and students. We will provide examples and tips on how to create and maintain the online learning community. We will also explore online behaviour and netiquette.
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Link to the slides used in the presentation, includes the references
Link to the Menimeter results

Nahielly Palacios and Heather Cockayne
Blending asynchronous and synchronous learning online

This session looks at how asynchronous learning (e.g.via discussion areas and wiki activities etc) can be blended with synchronous learning (e.g. via zoom) to enhance the learning experience. It looks at the affordances of asynchronous and synchronous learning, how these affordances differ and how the affordances of both complement each other
A useful article on this topic
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Susan Brown
Designing active online learning

This session would explore how to set up asynchronous interactive tasks to keep students engaged, with a particular focus on student generated content
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Sylvie Lomer
Designing instructional materials

An introduction to the conversion of face-to-face teaching into materials for those studying at a distance with a particular focus on tasks, their function, location and design.
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Link to the slides
Example of early distance learning material created by Richard West. Shows examples of tasks discussed in this session.

Richard Fay
Exploring synchronous sessions in Zoom

This session will explore how to make active use of the synchronous space Zoom to run a variety of online session types. It will look at integrating Zoom with other tools and explore: presentation, interaction, whiteboards, breakout rooms, recording …
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Zoom features crib sheet

Gary Motteram & Susan Dawson
Q&A session
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