Fred Garnett on ‘The Digital Future of Education’


We will be celebrating 10 years of DTCE on Thursday, 24th May and it is with special excitement we are pleased to welcome our guest speaker, Fred Garnett, long friend of DTCE, independent consultant in the digital literacies and learning field for many years and an Honorary Fellow of the London Knowledge Lab and Institute of Education.

Fred’s keynote will be on ‘The Digital Future of Education’
”We think that there is a tension between the liberating qualities of social media and personal technologies and the traditional institutional concerns of education concerning accreditation and that, arguably, heutagogy offers a way forward, not least through the PAH Continuum. So Fred will be looking at technologies and pedagogies, their inter-relationships and how that might influence possible educational futures.”



”After many years working on green & new technology initiatives in education I became Head of Community Programmes at Becta working on social & digital inclusion nationally for the UK government. The work & research I did lead me to realise that, as Goldman said about Hollywood, “nobody knows anything” about digital & network futures. Nor have any interest in social inclusion, as we are a hierarchical, representative democracy. I now work “liminally” on any project that will help create a socially-just participatory democracy; Learner-Generated Contexts, Ambient Learning City, WikiQuals, CROS Universitatea Alternativă, Heutagogy, Transition Towns, P2P banking. For planning I rely on serendipity & laughter.”

Fred organises the annual World Heutagogy Day (Heutagogy is the “pedagogy” of self-determined learning), summary of their work can be found at

More pertinently Fred has taken the work they developed in the MOSI-ALONG Ambient Learning City project in Manchester and, with Timisoara in Romania, it became part of their City of Culture bid.

Fred has also been working with the EU Erasmus Plus looking at Third Places, Social Entrepreneurs Innovation & Learning (with Croatia, Bilbao, Bordeaux & Lisboa)
Summary here

Partners from five European countries worked together for three years, sharing their existing know-how and exploring new practices related to CoWorking ecosystems.
This co-created Toolbox can help you, become a social entrepreneur (London), create participatory governance system (Pula), green your work-place (Bordeaux), set up local partnerships (Bilbao), establish a multidisciplinary CoWorking hub (Lisboa).
We hope these resources can inspire you to create new economic opportunities and related social benefits in the community where you live.

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Fred’s  presentations can be found on Slideshare at
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