Sustainability Walk on Tuesday 13th

MA DTCE Students  studying on the EDUC71212 Educating for Sustainability module, taught by Susan Brown, are invited on a sustainability walk to Hulme Garden Centre on Tuesday 13th March.

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The idea is to explore the role of play & games in sustainability education so those coming on the walk,  will be playing games on route.

You can prepare for the walk, by looking at the following resources:

This climate change related game was developed by Jana Wendler (Researcher  in Seed).

You can hear what Jana says about street games here.

None of these games relate to sustainability specifically but they could be appropriated for that purpose !
These are online sustainability games (and may be interesting for those of you interested in digital technologies and sustainability).
A couple of articles that may inform your thinking on this walk :

-Schiele, K. (2017). Utilizing Gamification to Promote Sustainable Practices: Making Sustainability Fun and Rewarding. Handbook of Engaged Sustainability, 1-18.
-Schneider, J., & Schaal, S. (2017). Location-based smartphone games in the context of environmental education and education for sustainable development: fostering connectedness to nature with Geogames. Environmental Education Research, 1-14.

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