Drew Whitworth’s lecture on “Power and Resistance in Learning”

The Sarah Fielden seminar series on Wednesday, 11th October featured our MA DTCE lecturer and  Director of Teaching and Learning Strategy at the Manchester Institute of Education, Dr Drew Whitworth, who presented his lecture on –“Power and Resistance in Learning: Using Foucault to explain the emergence of students’ information practices”


Although a great deal of prior work has stressed the importance of digital and information literacy to student success during and after HE, little is known about how useful and relevant information and technology practices emerge from the interactions that take place as they study.

This talk reports on findings from a project (conducted with MIE EdD student Lee Webster) that has analysed records of student dialogue within online assessment tasks, and revealed how practices emerge through interaction with the ‘digital habitat’ created by tutor and institution. The power relations inherent in HE do influence these practices, but so does student resistance to this power; this is a Foucaultian view of power and discipline, as something potentially generative of practice and learning.

The video of Drew’s lecture is available at https://video.manchester.ac.uk/faculties/8856f85434e41fb156ec49cee2ff2134/d7f426ef-71bd-4c6a-bcbb-60b4fb4104f0/

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