Drew’s keynote at ECIL2017



Dr Drew WhitworthDirector of Teaching and Learning Strategy and Lecturer on the MA DTCE, at the Manchester Institute of Education gave on Wendesday September 20th, his keynote speech at ECIL2017.




The European Conference on Information Literacy (ECIL), with the main theme of  Workplace Information Literacy is held from 18-21 September 2017 in Saint-Malo France.

Drew’s keynote ‘ Lessons from the Borg Cube: Information Literacy and the Construction/Deconstruction of the Work-Place.’ is available on prezi at

In the keynote, Drew talked about how information professionals and educators need to incorporate difference into their work. Diversity and difference are essential to the health of our information landscapes, but difference can also be the source of conflict and the use of power to impose the views of one group on another. How then can we draw on the positive side of difference? How can we help learners, whether in schools, universities or workplaces, generate understanding and new practices through the encounter with difference?


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