Will Fastiggi publishes his first book: ‘Computing & ICT Lesson Plans for the Primary School’


Since graduating with the MA in Digital Technologies, Communication & Education (DTCE) a few years ago, I continue to draw on the many skills that I learnt.

In my current position as a school leader at the British School in Rio de Janeiro for example, the DTCE course gave me the necessary knowledge and skills to organise technology exhibitions for our staff. It was really satisfying to be able to facilitate an event in which our staff could collaborate and share ideas that positively impact teaching and learning in the classroom.

A video of these exhibitions can be viewed below:


The DTCE course has also been invaluable for helping me to write and publish my first book, Computing & ICT Lesson Plans for the Primary School. This is a resource book, which provides practical information and lesson plans on the subject for schools around the world.

One of the units that I enjoyed most on the course was the Educational Video Production unit. This spurred me on to create my own YouTube channel, which is great for sharing educational content, to reinforce students’ learning, assist with staff training and inspire a positive school ethos.

Thanks to the DTCE programme, I have become more actively involved in the wider education community, developed myself professionally and been able to make the most of my skills for the service of colleagues & students.

If you would like to know more, I write blog posts at technologyforlearners.com. For more regular updates, you can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

Will Fastiggi


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