Stuart Marshall, an MA DTCE graduate builds an iOS app.

Versus App Screen

Stuart Marshall, NHS 24’s Learning Technologist, recently realised a long-held ambition: to build an iPhone app. As a player of many different sports and games he had searched for an app that would allow him to record all of his scores (and to track all his wins, draws and losses). He couldn’t find one though and so set about learning how to build his own. Over the last year he completed a couple of online courses about iOS development and used what he learned to build the app he needed. His app, called ‘Versus’, went live in the Apple App Store in August. You can read more about the app (and download it) by visiting

Stuart said “there were times when I really didn’t think that I would ever get the app finished but it feels great to have got there in the end. The app turned out much better than I ever thought it would. I hope others find it as useful as I do!”

Versus App Icon

The app, called ‘Versus’, is the most advanced and flexible score-keeping and tracking app available anywhere. It can be configured to score virtually any game that you need it to: Card games, Computer games, Board games or Sports. What you score, and how you score it, is completely up to you

As you score/log matches you can begin to see full match histories develop and you are able to view various statistics (win ratios, total points scored etc).

You can download the app from the iTunes store at

You can contact Stuart at



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