‘Careers Event’ for MA: DTCE students (Recording)

On May 4th 2017, we organised a special ‘Careers Event’ for MA: DTCE students.
Our Distance learners had an opportunity to join the on campus students, through Adobe Connect for a ‘live’ session.


We had invited two former alumni to come and speak: Annalisa Manca who since graduation has been working as an educational technologist at the University of Dundee and has recently begun PhD studies in Belfast, and Michael Masterman who is e-learning manager at Medicine at Manchester.
Ian Hutt, the university’s Head of Distance Learning Operations, came along and gave the employers’ perspective on what they are looking for in graduates like these — and finally Andrew Welsh of Instinct, a recruitment agency specialising in the digital education sector talked about what kinds of jobs are out there and what help his company can give to you now and after graduation.

You can view the ‘Careers Event‘ through the following recording

Throughout the recording, you’ll have the opportunity to listen to our speakers, touch upon the following:

– What makes a good learning technologist?
– Are there demands for specialist skills?
– Work based examples and experiences
– What challenges have you faced in your work?
– How clients work? Approaching a recruitment company?in house vs outsourcing?    corporate clients vs HE
– STAR technique (Situation/ Task / Activity / Technique)
– Advice on creating your PLE ( Personal Learning Environment) through social media
– Social Media Examples and Useful Websites
– Digital Profiles
– Do we work at a distance?
– Student profiles and examples

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