Producing Video for Teaching and Learning

Introduction to Educational Video Production (EDUC61632) commences in semester 2 in a slightly modified form than previous years with greater focus and connection to the main themes of the DTCE programme.

Practical production experience is still a substantial element of the content. This year also sees a reduction in coursework components from three elements to two.iEVP requires participants to meet the many challenges involved in producing their own educational video, a new and very rewarding experience for most.

The main them

Mike's book on producing video for teaching and learning

es of the course have now been produced into a book which guides the reader through the various stages of production and provides insight into the production process and learning objective achievement using the video medium.

Successful participants are rewarded with a production crew polo shirt .

The next running of Introduction to Educational Video Production (iEVP) begins on 30 January 2014 and is open to distance and on-campus students across the DTCE, TESOL and other programmes.

The book ‘Producing video for teaching and learning’ by Mike O’Donoghue, published by Routledge, is available online and from Blackwells book store on campus.

A video teaser for the course can be seen below or alternatively at  ;

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    It is indeed a clear advantage for the candidate to concentrate on the entire production as the element were reduced from three to tow . And what is required of them is to avail themselves with practical part of the production especially the educational part of it. I want to advice the participating candidate that they should exercise more patience as the work is hard and interesting. Wish you all the best, and commend the Tutor: Dr Mike.

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      Educational Video production is part of the major courses in the MADTCE program .

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