Mike Toyn on Prezicasts

Mike Toyn, MA DTCE student

As part of my dissertation study for my MA in Digital Technology, Communication and Education I have created a series of ‘Prezicasts’. These are online learning resources which combine video, speech, text and images. I have submitted a proposal to present a short seminar about the Prezicasts at our Research Institute for Professional Learning in Education (RIPLE) event.

During the seminar, I will explain how student views of podcasts informed the design and creation of the Prezicasts. I will then go on to offer a brief guide to the creation of these resources. Finally, I will provide a summary of how students who have used them value them. (This includes students who are studying face to face as well as distance learners)


An example Prezicast can be viewed here: http://prezi.com/w7rlpd1lvvsw/educ61712-media-il-information-obesity-the-macro-meso-and-micro-levels/

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