Information for 2010-11 applicants

We have a lot of applications for 2o10-11 – which is good news! However we are aware that there remain many things which can still get in the way of turning that application into a place at Manchester, particularly for on-campus students. Funding is the main obstacle for most of you and we wish we could help you more here. However, there remain several potential sources of funding including, for international students, the British Council, the World Bank and your own national government. We also find employers are often very happy to consider requests for professional development funding, particularly if you can demonstrate that your studies on the MA: DTCE will have direct application to your work. With our client-based project option, bear in mind that you can get credits (up to 60, equivalent to your final dissertation) for doing work that directly solves technology, teaching or communication problems that you face at work. Smaller projects can also be done for your workplace on an ongoing basis. For further advice here feel free to contact us directly.

English language certification can also prove difficult for some. Here bear in mind that we will consider lower IELTS scores than 7.0 for admission, if certain other conditions are fulfilled (for example: high scores in writing; a face-to-face interview; attendance at a pre-sessional English course in Manchester). Therefore, if you take the IELTS test and the score is not what you hoped for, do not despair! Contact us directly and we will see what we can do.

Finally, if you are an international student, do not forget to apply for your visa in good time. The University offers detailed advice on its web site ( for international students and you should consult that.

Remember to stay in touch with us if you are having problems with any of these conditions. We cannot help you with things about which we do not know! It is very helpful for both you and us to maintain some level of contact as we move through the next six months. Tell us about problems you are having and we will see what we can do. And remember, even if your arrival in Manchester is delayed, or cannot happen at all, there remains the possibility of starting the MA: DTCE as a distance learner; possibly even completing the full degree in this way. Again, if we can help here at all, do contact us. It is even nice to hear from you that there are no problems at all, and you will be joining us without difficulty!

Happy Easter – and keep an eye on this web site afterward for further updates…

Drew Whitworth, Program Director, MA: DTCE

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