The digital world changes quickly and the future digital learning landscape is likely to look different to the one today. On the programme you develop skills to work with, benefit from, critically appraise and lead on change in digital learning and communication.


We know, as academics on DTCE that, while new technologies emerge and societies change as they embrace new technologies, there are underpinning knowledge and skills that remain largely constant. Yes, technologies evolve and change and so it is important that we have the skills to critically evaluate the potential of such technologies for learning. Yes, creating learning materials with the latest multimedia technologies can be exciting but do those materials employ appropriate design and learning principles that can positively affect learning?


As you explore what the future digital learning landscape might look like, you’ll be guided by what we already know about effective digital learning and will develop skills that will remain essential into the future.


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Orienting questions

  • Based on current knowledge what might the digital learning landscape look like in the future?
  • How can teachers/trainers/learning technologists etc adapt to change and lead on change to the benefit of learning and the broader social, developmental and environmental good?
  • What skills will teachers/trainers/learning technologists etc need to help develop in learners to prepare them for the digital workplace and the challenges of living sustainably in the future?

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