Digital Design

From the point of view of the MA DTCE Digital Design addresses two related fields of study, namely those of Instructional Design and Production Design. The field of instructional design has existed for six decades.

Robert Gagne
Robert Gagne

Robert Gagne’s contribution to this theme began in the 1960s and develops into his landmark work ‘The Conditions of Learning’ (1969, 1970, 1977, 1985) and subsequently ‘The Principals of instructional design’ (1974, 1979,1998, 1992, 2004) co-authored with Walter Wager, John Keller, and Katharine Golas (5th edition).


Other contributors to this field include Charles Reigeluth, Walter Dick, Lou Cary and James Carey, whose works include the creation of the ADDIE model of instructional systems design (ISD) which originated in 1975. As technologies have evolved over this period (television, computer based instruction, the internet, and multimedia) so too have ISD theories and these segway into the theme of the design of instruction for media and technology.


Whilst the works of Richard E. Clark’s, Robert Kozma, Tony Bates, and others have focused on learning, technology and media, others have turned their attention to focus on production design themes for audio, video and multimedia, including notable contributions from Richard Mayer (2001, 2009, 2020) and Jack Koumi (2006).


Units on the MA DTCE draw on these and other works in their tuition and through activities which focus on the design and creation of digital resources which support learning and teaching. Units which have particular focus on the practical aspects of this work and its legacy include Multimedia Design & Development (EDUC___) and Introduction to Educational Video Production (EDUC61632). Instructional Design theories are complementary to those of Theories of Teaching and Learning which are addressed in detail in EDUC60941.


Orienting questions:

  • What digitial tools and skills are necessary in creating media artefacts for teaching and learning?
  • How do mediated learning pedagogies differ to classroom pegagogies?
  • Are there any ‘best approaches’ to designing media-based teaching and learning resources?

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